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How to approach the coding interview and leave with a fresh excitement to continue your job search.

I have never been great with dealing with pressure or being put on the spot, and taking a technical interview was precisely that. Doubting my abilities was second nature to me, and I preferred to familiarize myself with new technologies before using them for any hackathon. …

As told by the second youngest attendee of the 2017 Riot Games’ Hackathon

A common phrase said by players pre-game, GLHF, is emblazoned on Riot HQ’s wall

It’s been almost three months since 50-ish other attendees from around the world and myself were selected to attend the Riot Games Hackathon. I applied on a whim, thinking it would be cool to make something, like…

Emily Yu

just doing my own thing. cs@NYU, logistics@hackNYU, coach@mlh

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